Leaf Features

Clean and Lightweight

Say goodbye to bloat and unnecessary add-ons. LeafOS is all about keeping things lean and mean, so your device runs smoother and faster than ever.

Stability Guaranteed

We've focused on stability from the get-go. No random cherry-picks here – just a reliable ROM that keeps your device running like a dream.

All the Necessary Features

LeafOS comes packed with all the essentials you need for a top-notch Android experience.

Incremental OTA Updates

Get updates without the hassle. LeafOS delivers incremental OTA updates, so you save on downloading size while staying up-to-date with the latest features and improvements.

Keep your device for longer

With Leaf OS, you're not limited to your device's OEM upgrade range. Not only you can extend its lifespan, you can get more performance out of your device with a clean and lightweight OS.

Open-source, by default

You are in control. Everything is open-sourced, you can check for yourself what every app is doing, anytime.

Device not yet supported?

No problem! You can build the ROM for your device, and apply to be a maintainer for it.